Tuesday 11 December 2012

Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse, Montreal, QC

The company I work for has everyone in town for a couple days for meetings and our Christmas party (we all arrived late today).

This evening, Alice (from Calgary), Dorothy (from Vancouver), Imran (from Toronto), Trudy (from Halifax) and I had supper at Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse on rue Prince Arthur (recommended by Helene who is from Montreal but has been working in our Toronto office).

As we were deciding what to order, our server brought us these to nibble on.  What is it, you ask?  Cayenne smoked bacon.

We ordered drinks ... Alice ordered a Creemore and it arrived in a big cool mug.

Now onto the food ...

Trudy ordered the baby back ribs special with apple coleslaw and fried mac 'n cheese (she said the fried mac 'n cheese was just okay ... she liked the smoked mac 'n cheese better).

Dorothy ordered smoked brisket with fries and fried mac 'n cheese.

Alice ordered smoked brisket with smoked mac 'n cheese and smoked veggies.

Imran ordered smoked shrimp with fries and mac 'n cheese.

And I ordered the baby back ribs special with fries and mac 'n cheese.

Everything was good!  There was sooooo much food and none of us finished our meals.

But you can't go to a smokehouse and not order ice cream with chocolate dipped bacon to share!

I'd never had chocolate covered bacon before so, as full as I was, had to try a bite.  Though tasty, we all agreed that there was too much chocolate (I can't believe I'm saying that!) and nuts so we couldn't taste the bacon.

For a balance, we also ordered chocolate cake which was good.

And here we are ... Alice, Trudy, me, Dorothy and Imran.

Our server took good care of us and at one point the manager came over to chat and make sure everything was okay.

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Zoey Castelino said...

Love the food in Montreal... one of the things I miss about that city.

Masshole Mommy said...

I haven't been to Montreal in years, but I remember that the few times I went - I ate GOOD. I'll have to keep this place in mind the next time I make it back up.

Teresa said...

Never been there, but looks good. Haven't been to Prince Arthur in a long time, last time many restos we closing or out of business. Good to see it is making a come back.