Sunday 2 December 2012

Room service breakfast

I rarely order room service when I stay at a hotel.  I find that it's expensive and the quality isn't great.

I had an enrolment seminar to conduct this morning, followed by one-on-ones.  I knew I wouldn't be able to eat 'til lunchtime so I had to have something for breakfast.  I don't like to eat when I first get up ... I usually have a protein shake and then cereal or fruit a couple hours later. 

I didn't know if anything would be open at 8am near my hotel so I ordered room service. I checked off the card and left it on my door before I went to bed ... apple-grapefruit-orange juice (I picked orange), ham-sausage-bacon (I picked ham), scrambled-poached-overeasy-sunnyside up eggs (I picked overeasy) and coffee-tea (I don't drink either so asked for milk instead).

At 8:14am, it arrived.  Here's what you get for $19.99 (plus tax plus the $3 delivery charge):

It was okay.  The eggs and ham were cold (but I ate 'em), as was the toast (I had a couple slices).  I left the hash browns.  The milk and freshly squeezed orange juice were deliciously cold.  The bananas and strawberries were a nice surprise and I ate 'em all.

How often do you order room service?


MaggieMay said...

Maybe I'm just too picky but I don't think that was room service, it was highway robbery! Not a great way to start the day. My biggest pet peeve in any restaurant is cold food.

I don't usually get room service, too expensive and almost always cold food.

Masshole Mommy said...

$19.99 for that? You got charged way too much, my friend.

JCB said...

we have started to stay in hotels with kitchenettes and bringin gour own food from home. Easier with little kids, but not possible if we were flying instead of driving. I like the IDEA of room service, but am always disappointed.