Monday 31 December 2012

New Years Eve party at Café d’Époque, Mont Tremblant, QC

Last month Gord and I had bought tickets for the New Years Eve party at the Café d’Époque, Mont Tremblant's only nightclub.  The early bird prices started at $50 each, depending on when you bought them (we paid $60).  If you bought them today, they were $100!

Included were:
  • Free souvenir mystical winter photo shoot with high-res download 
  • Free hats, mask, noisemakers and other party favors for every guest 
  • Largest balloon drop on the mountain!! 
  • Champagne toast at midnight 
  • Mystical Winter Sweets Station Raffle drawing with amazing prizes 
  • A must see magical winter midnight countdown 
  • Amazing resident DJ Xstream and special guest the legendary DJ Double J 
  • Beer, shooters, champagne, and mixed drinks (non-premium) $3!!! 8pm to 1am

We got there about 11pm and were in a line-up outside (in a bit of a snowstorm) for about ten minutes, even though we had tickets.

When we got in, the place was jammed ... waaaaay overpacked for such a small venue.

It took a while but we grabbed some drinks and found a place to stand.

All of a sudden, the DJ yelled, "Ten seconds to F-ing 2013!" and started the countdown.  Huh?  No bubbly?

We hung out for a bit after that and were back in our room by 1ish.

Overall, not a stellar party and not worth $60 each.  The tunes were good as was the vibe.  The drinks were cheap once you made your way through the line-ups.  I never saw the photo booth and the countdown definitely was not "must see" or "magical".

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BetteJo said...

Sounds like it could have been a great time if there were a few less people. I would have felt very claustrophobic in that crowd!