Saturday 29 December 2012

Book ~ "The Weight-Loss Prescription: A Doctor's Plan for Permanent Weight Reduction and Better Health for Life" (2013) Ali Zentner

From Goodreads ~ Obesity specialist Dr. Ali Zentner has written the ultimate prescription for permanent weight loss and better health. Her revolutionary plan lets you customize your diet and ultimately change your lifestyle to help you conquer the weight-loss battle. The program helps you diagnose your patterns of eating behaviour and gives you strategies to change the way you look at food once and for all. Whether you are an emotional eater, a fast-food junkie, or a calorie drinker, The Weight-Loss Prescription will get you started on a new path to a healthy life.

Using her medical science background and experience working with thousands of overweight and obese patients to achieve their weight-loss goals, Zentner helps you identify your overeating pattern and shows you steps to modify your diet for dramatic, long-term change. Unlike other one-size-fits-all diet books, The Weight-Loss Prescription will help you customize a diet plan specific to your weight-loss goals. Filled with inspiring success stories, tools, strategies, and recipes, The Weight-Loss Prescription will motivate you to embrace a revolutionary lifestyle change.

Yes, this is is another book about weight loss.  But the key here is first determining which of the six eating personalities you are.  After that, there is a chapter dedicated to each personality which describes each eating personality and what to do about.
  1. The emotional eater - if I have a bad day, a slice of pizza will fix it!
  2. The calorie drinker
  3. The fast-food junkie
  4. The all-or-nothing dieter - This is sooooooo me!  I'm either on track or I'm not (and when I'm off track, I'm waaaaaay off track!) ... there is no in-between or balance for me.  I need to accept that it's okay to fall off track but I need to minimize the fall and get back on track almost immediately.
  5. The portion distorter
  6. The sitting duck
After that she gives helpful tips such as being happy and positive with the here and now, keeping a food diary (when I'm on track, I use Fitday), meal makeovers, the importance of breakfast, eating out, special situations (parties, holidays and vacations), what to do when you get derailed, and staying on track.

At the end, there are some meal suggestions along with lots recipes.

I've read lots of weight loss books over the years and I enjoyed this one.  I liked the writing style ... it wasn't boring or at a high level.  With the information provided, there are stories of her clients to make it more real.  Plus I liked that the focus was with the eating personalities ... I could definitely relate to the all-or-nothing dieter section.

I received a copy of this ebook at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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