Friday 7 December 2012

Kelseys Original Roadhouse, Hamilton, ON

I had a couple enrolment seminars to conduct today in Hamilton.

I had a couple hours in between them so I wanted to find a restaurant where I could have a leisurely lunch and kill some time.  The two clients were minutes from each other and Kelsey's was handy.

It's kind of rundown ... I'm surprised that the Kelsey's brand would let it be like that.  I was seated next to a window which was nice.

I ordered the Cheddar Bacon Sirloin burger and fries with a side order of gravy.

I'm not a fan of cheddar cheese so ordered it with mozzarella cheese instead.  Plus I asked there be no lettuce or onions.  When someone brought it from the kitchen (not Beth, my server), she asked if this was mine.  I said, "Not if it has lettuce and onions".  So she said she's take it back and get it fixed.

Here it is when it came back ...

The bun was dry, the burger was overdone/dry and burnt and my gravy never arrived.  Halfway through my burger, I realized that there was no bacon.

When the manager came by at the end, he asked how my meal was so I told him it was not a great dining experience and why.  He offered me free dessert (Brownie Pops).  I got them to go.  I appreciated that he tried to make things right.

When my bill arrived, I pointed out to Beth that I'd been charged for bacon.

She took my bill and charged to the kitchen with it.  When she came back, she said my meal was free because of all that had gone wrong.  I was fully prepared to pay since I'd eaten it and thought it was a nice gesture.

I'm in Hamilton every two months and usually have lunch in that area.  I doubt I'd go back.

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Masshole Mommy said...

You can't tell from the picture that the burger was dry and all that melted cheese looks so darn good. Now I am craving a burger.