Sunday 16 September 2012

Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec City), Qc

I was up and out early this morning because there was so much I wanted to see in Quebec City.

I walked once again to Porte St-Jean (St. John's Gate).

Instead of heading down St. Jean like I did yesterday, I headed SW and followed the fortification wall.

I walked on top of Porte St-Jean.

 This is looking down St-Jean.

 Then I headed to Porte Kent.

 This is looking back at Porte St-Jean.

 I followed the wall again to Porte St.Louis.

 This is looking back at Porte St-Jean and Porte-Kent.

 And here's Porte-Kent.

So much history!!

I walked down to street level ... this is looking back at Porte St-Louis.  Lots of people were doing horse and buggy tours.

 I walked down St-Louis ...

Château Frontenac is the largest hotel in Quebec City.

Claude Berger was singing and playing the trumpet and this little girl kept dancing in time to the music.  Very cute!  He ended up giving her a U.S. $1 (she earned it).

The monument of Samuel de Champlain, founder of Quebec City in 1608.

Later in the day, there were lots of old Rolls Royces posing in front of the Château Frontenac ... I don't know why.

Lots to look at on St-Anne.

It was a fun day.  There was still so much to do and see ... I need to come back!

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Margaret B said...

I haven't been to Quebec City since I was in grade 7, but your photos have brought back memories of our school trip there. I remember the fortifications quite well. We stayed close to Chateau Frontenac. Pretty cool trip down memory lane!