Saturday 29 September 2012

"Death of a Salesman", Young Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, ON

Gord and I saw Death of a Salesman at Young Centre for the Performing Arts this afternoon.

Gord had read the story by Arthur Miller in school and was interested in seeing the play.  I'd heard of it but didn't know what it was about.

Willy Loman struggles to provide financial security for his family and dreams about making himself a huge financial success. After years of working as a traveling salesman, Willy Loman has only an old car, an empty house, and a defeated spirit. Willy falsely believes he needs nothing more than to be well liked to make it big.  Willy attempts to provide financial security and to guide his sons' future, neither of which he does very well.  Finally, the only solution to providing for his family is to kill himself so they can collect on his life insurance. 

 Needless to say, this is not a happy story.

The actors did an excellent job.  Joseph Ziegler, who played Willy, was very convincing as a man who was desperate and losing touch with reality.  Nancy Palk was good as Willy's wife, Linda, who was supportive and protective of her husband while trying to hold her family together.  Ari Cohen and Mike Ross played their sons, Biff and Hap, very well.

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