Sunday 23 September 2012

The Cow Bay Moose, Silver Sands Beach, NS

I first heard about the Cow Bay Moose during an episode of Trailer Park Boys, which was filmed in the Halifax/Dartmouth area, back in 2006.

Blaming Randy for getting him fired from East Coast Paving, Sam Losco vengefully kidnaps him and holds him for ransom.

The exchange took place out by the moose.

Sister Sarah and I went looking for the moose today and found it!  It's on Cow Bay Road, on Silver Sands Beach, just outside of Dartmouth.  It was built in 1959.

It's a big moose.  How big?  Here I am with it.

And here's Sister Sarah.

This is Silver Sands Beach.

I'd like to go back sometime and go for a walk along the water.  There are benches nearby so I think it would be nice to go for a walk and then have a picnic.

Here's the episode of the Trailer Park Boys (it's for mature audiences) ... you see the moose make it's first appearance at 15:50.  And then again at 16:40.  The area has been developed since the show was shot and there are lots of big houses crowding the moose now ... the moose was apparently moved a bit to make way for the houses.


LeeAnn said...

Looks like a fabulous spot for a picnic.. LOVE THE MOOSE!

Teresa said...

Have a nice visit with your sis.