Wednesday 19 September 2012

Hotel PUR, Quebec City, Qc

The company I work for had a sales conference in Quebec City this week and we stayed at the Hotel PUR.

Here was my room ... it's the funkiest room I've stayed in.  Though the bed was comfortable, I felt like I was sleeping in a pullout sofabed.

Here was the bathroom ... alas, there was no bathtub but the walk-in shower was huge.

 This was looking out my window Saturday night.

WIFI was free and it was fairly speedy (FireFox was faster than IE).  I don't drink coffee but apparently there was a coffee and espresso maker in the lobby (it was free).

There was a small fridge in the room.

The shower pressure was wicked (yay!) and there were Aveda products.  There was no fan, though, in the bathroom so when I showered, the bathroom mirror and the room's window fogged up (I showered with the bathroom door open).

It is about a 15 minute walk to Old Quebec City.  There are other hotels closer to Old Quebec City ... if the cost of those was a lot more than here, I'd stay here again.  If they are comparable, I'd stay closer to Old Quebec City (nothing against this hotel).

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm off to Old Montreal next month which I'm very excited about. But now, thanks to your various posts about Old Quebec City, I am even more so. :) Can't wait to get my French on. Thanks for whetting my appetite.