Friday 15 June 2012

Travel Photography 101 Workshop, Henry's School of Imaging, Toronto

Gord and I did a three hour Travel Photography 101 workshop at Henry's this evening.

There were 12 people in the workshop.  Daniel was our instructor (he was also my instructor for the DSLR 101:  Nikon and DSLR 201:  Nikon workshops I had done last year).

Join us in this inspiring Travel Photography course where we'll share with you plenty of practical & photographic advice that will change the way you shoot on future trips. Discover how thinking and shooting like a photojournalist will put new life into your images. Learn how to look at people and scenes differently to set them apart from standard snapshots.

We'll also talk about how experts deal with the hundreds or thousands of images once they get back home.

Course Outline:
  • Preparing for the trip
  • Vital camera features and techniques you must know
  • Planning your days once you're there
  • Photographing culture, not just people
  • Safety tips and caring for your camera
  • Composing your shots
  • Shooting techniques
  • Helpful flash techniques
  • Shooting panoramas 
Who Should Attend?

Individuals who are looking to improve their travel photography by applying simple techniques and learning how to view their subject in a more creative way. Travel Photography is an intermediate course that requires you to be familiar with the following:
  • Exposure compensation 
  • Aperture and shutter speed and their effect on the picture 
  • Adjusting your ISO 
  •  Using your camera in semi-automatic exposure mode 
  • And under what circumstances to use these features
It was a good workshop.  I learned a few new things and it was a good reminder of the stuff we'd learned in the six week Photo 101 course we'd done this spring. 

Daniel kept stressing that we aren't taking a photo, we are making a photo.  He covered the mechanics of taking a picture (aperture, shutter speed, flash, etc.) along with giving us hints about storing and backing up our pictures, having a tripod, being respectful in other countries, not only taking a power adapter to other countries but also a power bar, and more.

It was obvious that Daniel is very knowledgeable and passionate about photography.

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