Friday 15 June 2012

Wild Wing, Toronto, ON

Gord and I were going to a three hour Travel Photography 101 workshop this evening at Henry's.

Before the workshop, we met a Wild Wing at Church/Queen W for an early supper .. it's not far from Henry's.

 Because it was fairly early, there were only a handful of people ... watching the EuroCup 2012.

They have taken some of their wings off the menu ... but there are still 90+ to choose from.

I ordered Come Get Some.

I like dill and found these were a bit bland.  Plus there was no other sauce to contrast the dill sauce.  They were okay, not great, and I wouldn't order them again.

Gord ordered Smokin' Dill.

 His were much better.  The BBQ sauce gave them a kick.

Adam was our friendly server and took good care of us.

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