Saturday 30 June 2012

Molly Bloom's Irish Pub, Stratford, ON

After The War of 1812, we had supper at Molly Bloom's.  We've been there in the past and liked it.

 There were a few people there.

I ordered a dark rum and Diet Coke ... and got a spiced rum and Diet Coke.  Good thing I like spiced rum.  When I mentioned it to our server, Brieana, she said she knew the difference between dark rum and spiced rum.  Huh?!

Gord ordered Beer Battered Cheese Curds and Pesto Chicken flatbread.

He said the curds were okay ... the batter was good but the cheese didn't have the salty kick it should.   He wouldn't order them again.  He liked the flatbread, though, and would order it again.

I ordered the Garlic Bread Supreme without scallions and medium wings.

Do you see any tomatoes or bacon on the garlic bread?  Neither did I.  When I brought it to Brieana's attention, she said, "Okay" and walked away.  Huh?  And then she charged me $7 for it.  Plus it seemed like it had been sitting around for a while because it was dried out, cold and hard.  The wings weren't great either.  Though a good size, they were overdone and dry.

After we were done our meals, Brieana asked if we wanted dessert.  We said no and she brought us our bill.  The more appropriate thing for her to do would have been to ask if we wanted another drink.  Our exchange with her during our meal, despite the screw-up with my drink and garlic bread, had been pleasant.  So we paid up and left.

Brieana said she had only been there for a week ... I think she needs some training on customer service, like what to do when there is a mistake.  Plus there weren't a lot of people in the pub but it seemed like she wasn't "present" with us ... she was already mentally serving the next tables.

 I won't be rushing back the next time I'm in Stratford.

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