Tuesday 19 June 2012

East Side Mario's, Mississauga, ON

I conducted one-on-ones for a client in Mississauga today and had lunch at East Side Mario's (Rodeo/Mavis).

Because of the heat (32C ... 42C with the humidity), they had the blinds pulled down to keep the restaurant cooler.

I ordered Mario's 16 Layer Lasagna.

 It came with soup or salad and bread.  I got Italian Wedding Soup.

The soup was okay.  There were five small meatballs and a little bit of noodles in a bland broth ... I've had it heartier at other East Side Mario's.  I just ate the meatballs.  The bread was warm and delicious.

Here's my lasagna ... it was a lot sloppier than in the picture in the menu.  This is before I even started eating it.

About halfway through ... are there 16 layers?

It was good, though.  The sauce had burger and sausage in it and was slightly peppery.  A little more melted cheese on top would have been nice.

Lystra was my server and she took good care of me.  When she introduced herself when I sat down, I told her my name.  She used it every time she popped by to check on me.

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Fizzgig said...

heyyyy we use to have an east side marios here, but that was so long ago! it sure doesnt look like 16 layers, but it sure looks gooood!!

Dawn said...

That's just about 10 min away from where I work! You were right in my neighbourhood :)

Teresa said...

We're burning up here too! Happy Summer.

Unknown said...

have never been to the east side Mario in Mississauga, thanks for the post! do you think all the restaurants are pretty much the same or is there a stand out one that has the best food?