Sunday 10 June 2012

St. Louis Bar and Grill, Toronto, ON (Front Street)

After Woofstock, I had a late lunch/early supper at St. Louis Bar and Grill (King Street E/Yonge).

I sat on the patio ... it was fairly quiet compared to those on Front Street which were jammed.

 After walking around for a couple hours in the heat, my cold Keith's tasted goooood!

I ordered a pound of hot wings and fries.  They were delish!

The servers took good care of me.

It was a nice patio to eat, have a beer and read my book ... until three women came by and sat at the other end of the patio.  Due to health regulations, they couldn't bring their dogs onto the patio so they tied them up right behind me.  They were so stressed being so far away from their owners and barked the whole time.  Poor babies! 

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Unknown said...

I've never heard of "Woofest". Glad you posted one pic of the canines.

Teresa said...

Lovely weekend to be outside. Looks like you had yourself a good time.