Thursday 26 April 2012

Last Photo 101 class

This evening was our last Photo 101 class. It's been a fun six weeks and I've learned soooo much!

We spent some time in the studio downstairs practicing focal lengths. You can take a picture of the same thing but depending on your focal length, it could look great or distorted.

Gord volunteered to be the model.

Here are mine. I know I should have paid more attention to the exposure but I was more concerned about taking my pictures quickly so someone else could have a turn. My focal length here was 55mm ... the ideal focal length for portraits is 50mm to 70mm.

Then I moved closer and changed my focal length to 18mm. Definitely distorted.

Then Ingrid, our instructor, changed the lighting and had Gord shift to the left.

Here's mine with a focal length of 70mm. Not bad!

Ingrid spent time talking about shooting in natural light and the use of flash. She also talked about when/how to use slow shutter speeds when taking pictures at night and inside when you can't use a flash (like in a museum).

It was a fabulous course and I can't wait to go out and practice what I've learned.


Tatiana said...

I need to take a course like that. There is so much to learn, and I know my camera skills can improve.

Way Out Wear said...

What a great experience