Monday 30 April 2012

Marché Restaurant, Toronto, ON

I met my pals, Deb, Franca and Liz for supper at the Marché (Yonge/Wellington).

It was there in the mid 1990s when we worked nearby (at that time we all worked for the same company and that's when we became friends) ... then it left and was replaced by another restaurant ... and it recently came back.

This is the inside entrance.

There are different stations (pasta, pizza, salad, seafood, meat, etc.) and you walk around and take what you want.

You give the person at the stations your card for whatever you take ... it's like a charge card and you pay when you leave.

It's a large restaurant. We sat on the "patio" ... which is actually inside Brookfield Place (an office building).

I had a pizza with pepperoni and fresh tomatoes ... it was delicious! It's what I used to order there almost twenty years ago.

Deb ordered cheese ravioli in a cream sauce with mushrooms.

Franca ordered veggie soup and what she said was bruschetta with chicken and asparagus. They had heated it up for her but she said it could have been hotter.

Liz ordered cheese ravioli in a cream sauce with shrimp ... except the shrimp weren't cooked enough so she sent them back. They cooked her some new ones and these ones weren't cooked enough either.

And here we are ... Liz, Deb, me and Franca.

Great to catch up the Chicks!

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Adaptable Kay said...

That is probably the neatest restaurant I've hear of! I guess it's kind of similar to the buffet types in the US but a little different.

That food looks pretty Epic :) I'm drooling over the pizza you got; you'd think I would have learned my lesson when I got horribly sick the other day from eating pizza, but it just looks so damn good! Lol

Teresa said...

This style of Restaurant is very popular in France. Looks like you ladies had a fun night.

Masshole Mommy said...

Very cool concept! The food looks delish!