Saturday 28 April 2012

Bronte Creek Park, Burlington, ON

Gord and I spent the afternoon at Bronte Creek Park in Burlington (about a half hour drive west of Toronto).

We hadn't been there since last February when we went snowshoeing (alas, we had no snow this year).

We brought our cameras so we could practice what we'd learned in our Photo 101 course. I took my pictures in aperture priority mode, practicing a shallow (blurred background) and deep (everything is clear) depth of field.

This is the Spruce Lane Farmhouse, which was built in 1899. It is a turn-of-the-century historic house museum near the remaining original apple orchards. Open in the summer, the house features costumed interpreters.

There is a peacock and three hens near the house. He was chillin' when we got there.

We followed the trails. It was a nice day to be outside walking around.

We spent some time at the creek.

Then we followed it for a while.

We climbed the hill and posed on the lookoff using the timer and a mini tripod.

Back on the trail ...

There were lots of trilliums, which is the official symbol of Ontario.

The peacock was showing off to his ladies when we left the trail.

I spent some time watching the pigs ... they were enjoying an afternoon snooze.

Then the male decided it was time to get up and woke the other three up.

She wasn't impressed with him ... and let him know it by peeing in his face when he followed her around!

What a fun afternoon! It was great to get outside.


Adaptable Kay said...

Aw, that really looks like a fun time-I'm quite jealous because it looks like such a beautiful area :)

Those pictures of the peacock with its tail fanned are stunning!

Way Out Wear said...

What a great day and those are fabulous photos! Way to go, that course really paid off, didn't it?