Tuesday 10 April 2012

Book ~ "Stray Bullets" (2012) Robert Rotenberg

From Simon & Shuster Canada ~ In The Guilty Plea and Old City Hall, critically acclaimed author Robert Rotenberg created gripping page-turners that captured audiences in Canada and around the world. Rotenberg’s bestsellers do for Toronto what Ian Rankin has done for Edinburgh and Michael Connelly for Los Angeles.

In Stray Bullets, Rotenberg takes the reader to a snowy November evening. Outside a busy downtown doughnut shop, gunshots ring out and a young boy is critically hurt. Soon Detective Ari Greene is on scene. How many shots were fired? How many guns? How many witnesses?

With grieving parents and a city hungry for justice, the pressure is on to convict the man accused of this horrible crime. Against this tidal wave of indignation, defense counsel Nancy Parish finds herself defending her oldest and most difficult client.

But does anyone know the whole story?

Stray Bullets is Robert Rotenberg’s third intricate mystery set on the streets and in the courtrooms of Toronto.

I received a copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

I've read Rotenberg's first two books in this series and enjoyed them. Plus I'd heard him speak in September ... he did a reading from Stray Bullets, which at that time was still in a binder.

This books brings back characters from his last two books like Ari Greene, Daniel Kennicott and Nancy Parish. The story takes place in Toronto so I knew exactly where the action is happening. If you're not in Toronto, don't worry, you wouldn't find it annoying.

I liked this one the best of the three in the series. A child is shot and killed at a Tim Horton's downtown (at University Avenue/Dundas Street W). We think we know right away who did it and why (but do we?). In the first two books, we didn't find out until the end. It was interesting to see the twists and turns to get to the end.

We get to know the characters away from their legal roles and there is a possible romantic cliffhanger at the end.

I'd recommend this book and this series.

You can meet him on May 8 him at a free event at Indigo Books.

Here is the trailer video for the book.
And here is the author answering some fan questions.

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