Saturday 7 April 2012

Bellwoods Brewery, Toronto, ON

Gord and I went to a tasters event on Sunday at Bellwoods Brewery.

Since then, they have had a "soft" opening. We stopped in tonight to check it out.

I liked the ambiance.  The lights were low and there were candles and flowers on the tables.  I didn't pop my flash with the pictures because I didn't want to throw unnatural light.

We had a table by the sliding door in front ... I went up to the upper level to take a look.

Hungry?  They serve an interesting array of food.

You can order a glass of wine if you don't feel like beer.

I had my favourite, the Bellwoods Common.

Brewers Luke and Mike were there tonight and stopped by to say hello and chat.  Patrick took good care of us!

We'll be back!

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Adaptable Kay said...

It looks totally different then the last time you were there, but it looks so wonderful none-the-less!

It looks like a place I would love to try out-Maybe one day? :)

Way Out Wear said...

Awesome, sounds like a good place too!