Friday 6 April 2012

East Humber Bay Park, Toronto, ON

Gord and I went to East Humber Bay Park this afternoon ... it's a great park to go for a walk.

There were quite a few people there ... they had the same idea we did!

Since we've had such a mild winter, it seems like the flowers are blooming early.

Along the trails, we came across lots of fire pits (which are illegal, btw).

Looking towards downtown.

We took a lot of pictures trying out stuff we've learned in our photo course.  Looks like I know what I'm doing ... ha!

Gord's lining up a shot.

Looking towards downtown again.

Robins have been around for a while.

There were lots of people hanging out at the beach.

The swans were snoozing.

We watched the birds.

Gord used my camera for a while and got some great action shots.

It was sunny and 11C ... a great day to be outside!

Note:  None of these pictures were taken in "auto" mode ... whoohoo!

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Rosie said...

That pic of the robin is STUNNING!