Sunday 22 April 2012

Fort York, Toronto, ON

Thursday is our last Photo 101 class and our final assignment is ...

Once you have completed the assignment, please select only one photo (should be your most successful one) to post to the flickr group. Please include all of the shooting data with the photo and be prepared to explain your creative choices. For this assignment, use MANUAL mode and try to work with the ISO manually, as opposed to using Auto ISO. Try to aim for a “correct” exposure and consider composition. Please ensure that your selected photograph is also in focus,whatever your selected focus point may be.

Choose something (outside your home) from your everyday routine to photograph. Perhaps there is something that you pass by everyday on your walk/drive home from work, or maybe there is an interesting place that you like to visit often. It could be something as simple as a park bench, or as complex as a specific moment in time: 8:00am at the bus stop in front of your house, for example. Make it interesting!

Gord and I headed to Fort York and spent a couple hours taking pictures for our final project.

I took all the pictures (about 140!) in manual mode, adjusting the ISO, aperture and shutter speed as needed. I've reduced the resolution of the pictures here so they would load quicker.

Fort York is a historic site of military fortifications and related buildings on the west side of downtown Toronto. The fort was built by the British Army and Canadian militia troops in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, to defend the settlement and the new capital of the Upper Canada region from the threat of a military attack, principally from the newly independent United States. It was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1923.

There was a guard teaching some kids how to march.

I focused (literally!) on contrasting the old with the new. I'm submitting this first one for my final project. The focal point was on the cannon so the rest would be blurred a bit.

I tried to capture the texture of the wall.

Here's Gord in action.

There is a "canteen" if you'd like to buy some souvenirs.

We walked through Garrison Common to the cemetery.

I walked to Strachan to take a picture of old Inglis sign. Back in 1881, John Inglis and Company (now Whirlpool Canada) were on this site producing machinery for flour mills. They then made weapons for the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth military forces during the World War II era, before becoming an appliance company. The company moved to Mississauga in 1981 and the land was eventually sold off for condos.

This is looking east from Strachan towards the downtown core.

There are train tracks that run just north of Fort York and I tried to capture the colourful graffiti.


Unknown said...

Lots to see and shoot here. Your focus and colour choices are great. The one thing I might offer as critique would be to fill your frame with the subject you want to shoot....the last photo, the graffiti, could be so much more powerful if you cropped it to fill the frame with colour and design, eliminating the tracks and cement walls. The guard in the red uniform, why not just his face, or torso, or back, without all that non-important background. Just my humble offerings. These are things I have to work on constantly too. Goof on you for taking a demanding course, learning to use your camera well. :)

Margaret B said...

First of all - love the location as it offers so many great things to photograph. I'm a sucker for history and haven't really had a chance to explore Fort York recently. I'm inspired to go back.

Secondly - love how your photography is progressing and very impressed you shot them all in manual mode. Really cool.

Do you plan to continue with your lessons? I found focusing on composition to be a great next step in my learning process. Read quite a bit and experimented. Post-processing helps too.

Tatiana said...

Yep, I'm noticing a great improvement in your photos as well. :)