Friday 6 April 2012

Photo 101 course - class 3 homework

When Gord and I were at East Humber Bay Park this afternoon, we practiced what we've been learning in our photo course.

This week's homework ... you have to take photos that clearly show the concept of either freezing motion or shallow depth of field.  Use the priority mode that will help you achieve the results.

We only had to do one set but I did four sets to practice.

Here I used aperture priority ... these show the difference in depth of field (the background blurs when I change the aperture).

Then I tried doing one in shutter priority ... freezing the motion. 

It seemed like it came together in last night's class and I understand the effect of changing aperture and shutter speed and what the numbers mean.

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Fizzgig said...

amazing, what a beautiful waterfall!!! i cant wait to see how your photography grows, i am such an amateur, you are inspiring!!