Monday 24 October 2011

Hilton Windsor, Windsor, ON

I have a couple seminars to conduct tomorrow in Windsor. The first one is at 10:15am so I drove to Windsor this afternoon (it's a four plus hour drive from Toronto).

Here's my room ...

The view from my window when I checked in about 6pm was gorgeous ... the sun was setting on Detroit (I'm on the 16th floor).

Here are the same views when I got back from supper (about 9pm).

WIFI is free (in this day and age, I hate it when hotels charge for it).

Parking is odd. You can park your car yourself in the back for $10. Or you can have it valet parked for $21 (they take it away to the same spot you would have parked it but charge you $11 more). Or if you are lucky enough, you can leave it in front of the hotel and it's only $15 but you have to pay cash. Huh?!

It's a about six blocks from the casino. I stopped in and played roulette after supper. I lost $40 and that was enough for me. I'm soooo not a gambler! There are tons and tons and tons of slot machines (I find them boring).


Monica said...

I love staying in hotels, it's always fun to check out the room and the amenities. a great view like you have here is always a welcomed bonus!


highheeledlife said...

Awww... You are where my family calls home!!! Love the view of Detroit across the river. Hope you get some cross border shopping in.. the deals are amazing this time of year.

Hugs, HHL

Mary said...

I love windsor! I love it's so close to the water, as well as the states (for the cheaper shopping of course!). Hope you had a good time there! =)

Beth said...

Wonderful pictures!

Masshole Mommy said...

Parking is like that in NYC, too. It is weird to me as well, esp because we don't do it like that here in Boston!