Sunday 16 October 2011

Basket Weave Dish Cloth

I made a basket weave dish cloth this evening.

It's an easy pattern and I used cotton yarn.

Cast on 36 stitches.

Knit three rows in garter stitch.

Rows 4-10: Knit 3, *knit 5, purl 5*, repeat 2 more times, knit 3
Rows 11-17: Knit 3, *purl 5, knit 5*, repeat 2 more times, knit 3

Repeat pattern two more times.

Knit three rows in garter stitch.

Bind off.


highheeledlife said...

Hi there ... catching up on visits and reads, after being away in Paris. Those Stout-glazed ribs, look and sound tres delicious!!!

Your furbabies are adorable love the photo of them looking out the window together. What a wonderful blessing to be able to knit ... looks great!

Wishing you a fabulous day! xo HHL

Suburban Princess said...

I use this pattern a lot...well, when I had time to knit. I made my husband a few pairs of socks with it!

TorAa said...

Nice and easy.
Just like my wife, Anna, do it.

Teresa said...

What a knitting machine you've become. Looks like your weather was a heck of alot nicer than ours. Too wet and windy to get out most of the weekend let alone BBQ. Good luck to Crumpet.

Isabel said...

I like basket weave pattern. I haven't tried the crochet version yet.