Friday 14 October 2011

Jamie Oliver's perfect steak

At our sales conference a couple weeks ago, the motivational speaker, Mike Lipkin, showed us this video of Jamie Oliver making the perfect steak to demonstrate passion and attention to detail.

I had forwarded it to Gord hoping he'd try it ... and he did tonight.

It was good and tasty!

Rather than frying it, maybe next time he'll try it on the BBQ.


Swordsman said...

I will BBQ next time.

The sauce attracted me on this one which is why I did it this way.

One day I will give this another try in the pan. The sauce was tasty

Adaptable Kay said...

Oooooh man, that looks downright amazing!

I love Jamie Oliver-my mom and I watch his show all the time and it's just so passionate about helping people!