Monday 10 October 2011

Mugshot Tavern, Toronto, ON

After our walk around High Park, Gord and I went to Mugshot Tavern (Bloor W/Parkside) for a late lunch/early supper. It opened about three months ago.

They have craft beer on tap. After walking around for a couple hours, our beer tasted good!

True to its name, there are pictures of celebrity mugshots on the walls. It was fun to figure out who they were. Recognize anyone?

This is on the door of the women's washroom.

This is on the door of the men's washroom.

We had the table by the window ... there's Gord.

We shared an order of Mac 'N' Cheese Fritters. They were good ... they could have used some bacon to liven them up, though.

We both got a pound of wings. Mine were with medium sauce (the sauce was tasty but more mild than medium) and Gord's were dusted with Cajun spice. We found them overcooked and dry ... maybe because they are "baked, fried and then sauteed". Plus they were small (there were 13 to a pound ... I'd rather less but bigger).

Our server was Chantal. She was funny and sarcastic and took good care of us.

I'd heard good things about this pub and was looking forward to checking it out. It was okay but I must say it didn't live up to my expectations.

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Teresa said...

It was a wonderful weekend to be out and about. Looks like you had a good time.

JCB said...

Whata fun theme to a place! Too bad the food didn't measure up :(