Sunday 2 October 2011

McLobster, McDonald's, Antigonish, NS

Gord had it in his head that he wanted to try a McLobster sandwich ... we can't get them in Toronto. They only sell them in New England and Atlantic Canada.

Wacky considering he's not even a fan of lobster.

We stopped for lunch today at the McDonald's in Antigonish (we were passing through on our way to the airport in Halifax).

Here he is with his sandwich.

He said it was bland. He couldn't taste lobster ... mainly what he tasted was mayo and lettuce. But he was happy he tried it.

Just after we got there, a busload of travelers arrived from the States. Most of them ordered McLobsters ... I wonder how they liked it.

McDonald's (Antigonish James St) on Urbanspoon


Fizzgig said...

well theres something we dont have in the us!

do you guys get the mcrib, and shamrock shakes?

I'm sure there is nothing exclusive at all about our mcdonalds.


Angie in T.O. said...

I usually make my own "Lobster Rolls" every summer, but think it's fun how people not from the Maritimes react when we tell them about "McLobsters".

Tony said...

It honestly doesn't look that appetizing

BunnyMummy said...

I find it offensive that something as wonderful as lobster can be brought so low. Thank Gord for trying it, now I dont feel bad about spouting my opinion on something I have not tried. LOL