Sunday 2 October 2011

The Glenora Inn & Distillery, Glenville, NS

After Gord and I drove around the Cabot Trail yesterday, we went to the Glenora Inn where we spent the night. There is also a whisky distillery on site.

Here is our room.

We met Sister Sarah and Joey there. They had spent the day visiting with some of her friends in Sydney before driving to the inn (they took the short way ... about two hours).

We had supper in the pub onsite. There was a fella playing the piano and another playing a fiddle for two hours.

Gord started with the Maritime Seafood Chowder (leeks sautéed in Glen Breton whisky butter top off our creamy chowder with fresh haddock, scallops and salmon).

Then he had the Mushroom and Pesto Chicken Linguini (sautéed mushrooms and chicken, tossed with pesto and linguini in our white wine cream sauce).

He said both were good.

I had the Fish And Chips (two pieces of beer battered Atlantic haddock, golden fried spuds and tartar sauce). I didn't feel like having fries so substituted them with mashed potatoes.

They were delicious!

And here we are ... Joey, Sister Sarah, me and Gord.

Here are Sister Sarah and I.

And here are Gord and Joey.

Later on, the musicians switched instruments and a woman got up stepdancing. Very cool!

The pub closed at 10pm. It had been a long day so we went back to our rooms.

After we checked out this morning, Gord and I took a walk around the grounds.

This is the distillery.

A bridge crosses the stream that separates the distillery from the inn.

Here's the inn and the restaurant and pub.

Our room was on the ground floor.

It's a nice place to stay. You can't see them because of the fog but there are hills behind the inn that I imagine would be great for hiking.

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I miss the East Coast!