Tuesday 11 October 2011

Kokimo Candles, Castleton, ON

I have a serious scented candles addiction ... seriously.

Gord's parents live about 2.5 hours away and we are going to spend tonight at their place. Along the way is Kokimo Candles. We've passed it many times but have never stopped.

I'm out of scented votive candles and I can't find any I like in Toronto so we stopped in. They make them onsite.

When you walk in, it smells amazing!

And there's so much choice ... small to tall, scented and nonscented.

I headed right to the scented votive section and discovered they were on sale. Whoohoo!

I came out with 14 trays of 9 ... so I'd bought 124. I had expected to come out with 200 so I was doing well :)

Can you tell how much I loved that place?!

I'll definitely be back the next time I'm out and in the area.


Teresa said...

Must have smelled lovely.

Isabel said...

I would have gone crazy in there! i love scented candles.