Saturday 27 November 2010

Kalyvia, Toronto, ON

We couldn't leave Greektown without having supper at a Greek restaurant!

Xavier, a server at the Court Jester, recommended Kalyvia so that's where we went.

We shared a bottle of white house wine ... it was good.

Gord ordered Ortikia (two large size quails mixed with herbs and spices baked in the oven) with rice, potatoes and veggies.

I ordered Chicken Breast Dinner (two generous pieces of char-broiled chicken filet) with rice, potatoes, veggies and tzatziki.

It was delicious!

My only complaint is that the veggies weren't fresh (they were cooked from frozen).

I'd recommend this restaurant ... the food was good and our server was very friendly.

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highheeledlife said...

Having lived in Greek Town for a fw years and still owning a city home there; you choice of restaurant was a good one. Its unfortunte that they used frozen veggies ~ they are/were one of the few Greek restaurants that served authentic Greek food... HHL

Teena in Toronto said...

So glad you're endorsing it :)

Tina said...

This is too much food to look at first thing when I have already eaten breakfast lol. 10.00am here at the minute! Now I want more!

TorAa said...

The service is important, but the food as well.
We have experienced to many restaurants are not able to heat up the veggies the right way: They cook instead of heat. Can it really be that difficult?

Thanks for sharing