Friday 5 November 2010

Unionville Arms Pub & Grill, Unionville, ON

I had a couple seminars to conduct north of Toronto today ... one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Instead of heading home between sessions (45 minutes each way), I met my pal, LeeAnn, for lunch in Unionville ... she lives nearby.

I've never been to Unionville before ... it's cute. It would be fun to check it out during the summer.

I parked on the curb like everyone else.

We had lunch at the Unionville Arms Pub & Grill on Main Street.

We both had battered halibut and chips, which was good.

I hadn't seen LeeAnn in ages so it was good to catch up. Though the pub was packed because it was lunchtime, our server let us stay for over two hours yakking.

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Sarah said...

How strange to park on the curb!

Tina said...

what a lovely unusual looking pub