Friday, 12 November 2010

Hens Reunion - Friday

Chrissy and I were friends in high school and graduated in 1980.

We went to St. F.X.U. and met Elaine. The three of us were inseparable and were known as "The Hens".

The three of us haven't been together since Chrissy's wedding in June 1987.

We were long overdue and this weekend is the Hens' reunion in Halifax. It was planes, trains and automobiles ... I flew in from Toronto, Elaine took the train from Moncton and Chrissy drove from Sydney.

Here's my room ... it's actually a suite. Amazing considering it's only $100 a night!

What's your sleep number?

My room overlooks Halifax Harbour.

Chrissy brought a bottle of wine that her husband, Dean, had made and a bottle of lemon gin. I haven't had lemon gin since I was about 17!

Together at last! Here we are in Chrissy and Elaine's room ... me, Elaine and Chrissy.

We had supper at Stayner's Wharf, on the waterfront.

My first beer of the night ...

Here we are ... me, Elaine and Chrissy.

Chrissy and Elaine had fish and chips ... I had wings and fries. They were good.

There was a singer named Scott Swift.

Then we headed to the Split Crow. Here we are ... me, Elaine and Chrissy.

Elaine and Chrissy ...

Elaine and I ...

Chrissy and I ...

Elaine and I dancing ...


There was a band called Scratch 45 ... they were really good. They played Celtic tunes along with country and rock.

Here's Elaine and Chrissy as we were leaving.

Here's Elaine, Chrissy and I.

What a fun night we had catching up!


LeeAnn said...

23 years??!! You were overdue!
Have a wonderful weekend with your friends Teena!

MonicaH said...

You all look so happy and beautiful. Enjoy your time together. Monica

Teena in Toronto said...

It was awesome to get together!

Tatiana said...

That looks like an awesome reunion!

Lord of the Wings said...

Glad to hear it was a good reunion! It looks like a lot of fun . . . and I could go for some of those wings!