Saturday, 27 November 2010

Allen's, Toronto, ON

After we left The Old Nick, we went to Allen's for a beer.

The back part was jammed ... it seems to be a popular spot for a late lunch. We looked at the menu and was surprised that were weren't more "pubby" foods.

We sat at the bar and yakked with Steve, the bartender.

Here's Gord.

They had a great beer selection and a massive scotch selection ... the most expensive scotch is locked away in a safe and is $1,000 a shot!

We liked it there and will be back!

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TorAa said...

To be honest: We don't care about prices for a Scotch, only for White Wine;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Teena it's me!

LOVE Allens go there with ma and pa on the regs. Last time i was there I had a great burger! my dad loved his lamb and my mom had a pretty deece pizza. I had one cider, went home, and had a nap. Might I suggest Terri O's next time? Just down the street, much cheaper. Watch out for the pool sharks! I recommend the ceaser salad. Their fries are gr8!!!