Monday, 8 November 2010

Book ~ "Chosen to Die" (2009) Lisa Jackson

From Amazon ~Detectives Regan Pescoli and Selena Alvarez have been searching for the Star Crossed Killer for months, never imagining Regan will be captured by the madman she's been hunting. Regan knows exactly what he's capable of -- and avoiding the same fate will take every drop of her courage and cunning. As Selena joins forces with Regan's lover Nate to dig deeper into the case and the body count rises, the truth about Regan's disappearance becomes chillingly clear. Something evil is lurking in the snow-covered mountains. With time running out, the only way they can save Regan will be to get inside a killer's twisted mind and unravel a shocking message that he is revealing.

I enjoyed the writing style of this book ... it kept my interest.

I liked the characters. When the police and FBI got together, there were too many of them and I had a hard time keeping them straight but most were minor characters so it didn't matter.

I'm not into astronomy so didn't get the whole Orion connection. Minor detail, though.

I found it unbelievable that everyone individually figured out "whodunnit" at the same time with very little to go on. And the "whodunnit" is kind of lame ... there could have been more time spent inside the killer's head to really discover why they did it.

I found Padgett's situation at the end (trying not to give a spoiler) kind of flaky ... it would have been nice to have tied up those loose ends and have closure.

All in all, I'd recommend it.

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