Monday, 29 November 2010

Book ~ "Simple Genius" (2008) David Baldacci

From ~ Former Secret Service agents turned private investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell have seen their lives splinter around them. Michelle lies unconscious in a hospital bed after a night of suicidal violence. And Sean is forced to take on a thankless investigation into the murder of a scientist just inside the CIA’s razor-wire fence near Williamsburg, Virginia.

Soon he is uncovering layer after layer of disinformation that shields a stunning world filled with elite mathematicians, physicists, war heroes, spies, and deadly field agents. Amid more murder, a seemingly autistic girl’s extraordinary genius, and a powerful breakthrough in the realm of classified codes, Sean soon learns enough to put his life at risk. Now more than ever, he needs Michelle to help him catch a killer, save an innocent life and solve a stunning mystery that threatens the very soul of the nation.

From Michelle's courageous struggle to defeat her long-buried personal demons to a centuries-old secret that surfaces in the heat of the action, Simple Genius pulses with stunning, high-intensity suspense.

This is the third book these characters are in but you didn't need much background to know what's going on.

I wasn't crazy about this book. There was a lot of time spent going on about quantum computers and what exactly the geniuses were doing at Babbage Town ... it went over my head. Huh?

I found Viggie's "disability" and actions annoying. She has the secrets that will solve the case but can't reveal them because she's been "programmed". Um ... sure.

Overall, it was far fetched and I wasn't buying most of it. And it got confusing with the CIA, FBI, DEA, etc.

I didn't mind Sean and Michelle's characters, though ... I was interested in what was behind Michelle's suicidal actions in the beginning and was happy it was pretty well resolved. I liked her Harley driving shrink, Horatio.

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