Saturday, 20 November 2010

Harbourfront, Toronto

I took a walk to Harbourfront this afternoon.

It's a lot quieter than in the summer ... most of the boats have been stored for the winter.

It was nice to be near the water.

The pond where they sail model boats in the summer is a skating rink in the winter.

Gord and I skated there in January 2002 ... it was a Single Horizons' event. I skated a lot when I was a kid ... no problem, right? So we rented skates. I did a lap and that's when I discovered that I couldn't skate anymore and wanted off the ice. A couple people we were with dragged me around another lap. I wasn't having fun so returned my skates. Not a fun time but Gord still laughs about it. Ha!

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Tina said...

we dont have an outdoor rink like that over here just indoor. I have always wanted to try the outdoor!