Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dufferin Jog is gone

As of Thursday, the Dufferin Jog is gone.


The Dufferin Jog, a one-block detour along Dufferin Street just north Queen Street, has been slowing automobile and pedestrian traffic for decades. It has existed since the Queen underpass was built in the 1880s ... they never expected Dufferin Street to become the main road it has become.

I took a walk to it this morning to check it out ... the 70-metre tunnel which runs under railway tracks, is very nice!

This is looking north from Queen W/Dufferin.

It's really bright!

And looking south at it from Dufferin/Peel.

The Dufferin bus is going straight through and not doing the jog anymore.

I imagine the residents of Peel Street are happy to have less traffic on their street (this is looking east from Dufferin).

No doubt we'll see them soon knocked down to build more condos.


Sarah said...

That looks great! It makes more sense to have it this way.

Tina said...

looks much better. and yes they always destroy sweet and historic places for the condos dont they :(