Monday 24 August 2009

Book ~ "Jamaica Me Dead" (2006) Bob Morris

From Amazon ~ It’s opening game of the football season at Florida Field and Monk DeVane, a former teammate of Zack Chasteen’s, invites Zack and his girlfriend to a halftime party in one of the exclusive skyboxes. But they find chaos - there’s a bomb under the chair of Darcy Whitehall, Monk Devane’s boss and the rakish Jamaican owner of Libido, a chain of anything-goes Caribbean resorts.

The bomb turns out to be a dud but someone is putting the squeeze on Darcy Whitehall, and Monk DeVane enlists Zack to help protect his employer. When Zack arrives in Jamaica things quickly go to hell - more bombs (this time, for real), gnarly Jamaican politics, and the kinky diversions at Libido, where the prime spectator sport is watching guests frolic on the naked flume ride. As if that weren’t enough, Zack’s snooping around puts him in jeopardy with Freddie Arzghanian, king of the Caribbean money launderers.

I hadn't heard of this author or series before ... I came across this book at the library and it sounded like fun.

And it was.

I enjoyed the writing style ... it's funny and sarcastic. The characters are different and interesting. I wasn't crazy about Zach's fussy girlfriend, Barbara (why are they always fussy and annoying!!??). Thankfully she wasn't in the book all that much. I figured out who was behind it right away but it was still an enjoyable ride to get there.

I'll definitely be checking out the other of Bob Morris' Zach Chasteen series.

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