Wednesday 26 August 2009

Book ~ "Lethally Blond" (2009) Kate White

From Amazon ~ Bailey Weggins, crime reporter for Buzz magazine, makes her fifth appearance in a mystery where the premise is weak, but the execution is as clever as it is hot. When former fling and sweet stud, Chris Wickersham, asks Bailey to look into the disappearance of a fellow actor on his TV show, Morgue, she agrees. Someone else might make a couple of phone calls but rather inexplicably Bailey drives upstate to the missing man's country home. He's there, dead in the bathtub, where he's been for a couple of weeks. Not pretty. That puts Bailey right in the middle of a mystery teeming with TV types, actors, producers and PR people, one of whom seriously wants Bailey dead. The pace is frantic but fortunately Bailey has time to have some serious sex with not one but two gorgeous guys, giving her the option to worry about who she should be with as well as who is trying to kill her.

I was in the mood for a mystery and thought this sounded interesting.

I didn't mind the writing style but the story was really dumb. I couldn't believe that Bailey would put so much effort and personal risk into investigating the disappearance of someone she's never met ... and all at the request of a guy she had had a thing for six months earlier but hadn't seen since.

I don't think so.

Plus Bailey is a mere reporter of a celebrity mag ... yet everyone is answering her questions and giving her info as though she is a cop.

Plus she finds time to bang two hot guys.

The ending was blah ... I didn't care who dunnit by the time I got there.

If you can get beyond all this, you may enjoy this book. But I can't say I'd recommend it.

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