Wednesday 19 August 2009

My hotel

I had reserved my room online and asked for a non smoking room. I chose this hotel because of its proximity to the client's site (I have to be there at 7:30am tomorrow).

As soon as I entered the room, I smelled smoke and saw the ashtray on the desk. Yuk! So I got a new room.

Yes, I have two queen beds that I don't have to share with a husband, a dog and two cats! Mine, all mine!

It's really humid today and I thought a swim before supper might be nice. So I checked out the outdoor pool.

Hmmm ... I wonder why there's no one.

Maybe because it's midweek and there's no one but me in the hotel?

Or ... maybe because the pool is very impersonal and unwelcoming with closed umbrellas and no chairs?

Or ... maybe it's the big-ass lock on the gate!

So I cancelled on the swim.


MYM said...

LOL - 2 beds all to yourself! Damn ... beautiful.

And what's with the pool? LOL Odd!

Swordsman said...

Should have gone to the Ivy Rose. Very nice pool and you could have got the BIG room with 4 beds overlooking the salt water pool

Anonymous said...

good for you, changing the room.
Ugh about the smoky smell...

LOL about having lots of room to could even switch to the other bed in the middle of the night if you wanted!

WEIRD about the pool though.
Maybe they have no one to maintain it???

Tina said...

what you mean you didnt climb over in your swimming costume? ;)