Wednesday 19 August 2009


When I got to Windsor, I parked down by the water and walked around for a while.

I walked along the boardwalk.

There's Detroit across the river.

I used the public washrooms on the boardwalk ... apparently there is a concern about people stealing toilet paper.

There is a tunnel between Windsor and Detroit. Here's where you come out in Windsor.

In case you forget, there are lots of clues to let you know where you are!

On the Scotiabank building ...

As soon as you come out of the tunnel ...

At the tourist bureau ...

I stopped in at the Caesars casino.

I put $40 in the roulette machine and the casino stole it lost it, though I did get some hits. There was an older Italian man next to me trying to figure out the system but wanted to use my $$ to try his theories ... um, no.

The casino isn't as concerned about people stealing their toilet paper and/or they have a fancier lock.


MonicaH said...

Oh Teena,
I wish I'd known you were going to be in Windsor. I might have been able to get mom to make some of her famous chicken curry for you to take home. I know you haven't had that in awhile sadly. Glad you enjoyed the waterfront, I think Windsor has done a fabulous job with that area - it's beautiful and very people and bike friendly. - M

Teena in Toronto said...

I looked for your folks, Mon, but didn't see them. A feed of curried chicken would have been nice :)

Tina said...

its funny about people stealing toilet paper! you gotta have a big bag to steal it lol

Tatiana said...

Yep, especially those industrial sized rolls... but I had no idea there was a tunnel in Windsor - how cool!