Saturday, 22 August 2009

How not to act old

In the September issue of More magazine, there is an interesting article called How Not to Act Old.

It's taken the book How Not to Act Old : 257 Ways to Pass for Phat, Sick, Hot, Dope, Awesome, or at Least Not Totally Lame.

Seven things were listed ...
  1. Unstrap the Rolex - The young don't wear a watch because they can get the time on their cell phone.

  2. Don't leave a message - Young people figure the other person will see their number in missed calls and reach out if they want or need to talk.

  3. Don't spout any history - If it happened before 2001, who cares?

  4. Don't block the aisle in the grocery story.

  5. Don't fear the wax - Waxing "down there" is one of the major differences between younger and older women.

  6. Don't yell into your cell.

  7. Don't cook a roast - Apparently no one under the age of 40 knows how to roast meat and they don't want to know.
What do you think?


MYM said...

LOL - I think that's very true, hahahaha. but sometimes it's better to act your age ... otherwise you look even older LOL

Netster23 said...

hahahhahaha short and sweet! waxing down there is funny! I mean young girl do that? not that I know off hahahhaha very informative!

I got here because Drowsey your post is interesting!

She is right!


Julia said...

Hi Teena!!

Thanks for your kind words...

And the roast!! I never knew. I guess that means that in two years I will be golden with the crock pot. Haa!! :)

But, I am totally old by all other measures.

Diana said...

Thanks for visiting.. kiss

OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Well, being as old as I am, I think it is stupid Bull!

Julie said...

They lost me at #5. You'd have to be crazy to pour hot wax on your nether regions.

Lord of the Wings said...

1. I wear a pocket watch and don't own a cell phone
2. I'm just bad at leaving msg unless important.
3. I'm a history major, can't help this one!
4. I do agree with this - huge pet peeve of mine when shopping.
5. I fear wax.
6. Again, no cell.
7. I haven't done a 'roast' (like a roast of beef) and I am interested, but then I'm a bit of a foodie.

What do YOU think Teena?