Tuesday 11 August 2009

I got an itch that won't go away

I taught Intro Excel 2007 today.

My legs are still full of bites and driving my nuts!

I couldn't put toothpaste on the bites cuz people would think I was a freak (I wore a skirt)! On the other hand, I do live in Toronto so maybe no one would have noticed ...

I stopped at the drugstore after work and talked with the pharmacist.

She suggested putting hydrocortisone on them and taking Benadryl.

She warned me that the Benadryl might may me drowsy ... and it did. I fell asleep on the couch during Judge Judy after supper for about an hour. I couldn't fight it.

But the good news is that the bites are going away and aren't itchy. Yay!


Diliviru said...

Thnaks for ur visit! i have read ur blog and i like it a lot :O)

Tina said...

im a judge judy fan too! good to hear the bites have gone down