Sunday 9 August 2009

Korner Stone Kastle Bed and Breakfast

There are no hotels in Verona ... the nearest would be a half hour drive to Kingston.

I didn't want us to be drinking and driving, there was no room in Sandra and Dave's house and I didn't want to camp in the yard.

Sandra had recommended a bed and breakfast called Korner Stone Kastle since it was just a five minute walk away. A big plus is that we could bring KC.

The house is almost 100 years ago and used to belong to a doctor who had his home and office there.

When we got back last night, we sat on the verandah on the second floor for a while.

Verona Lake is just minutes down the street.

Here's our bright and airy room.

The bed was so comfy ... it was hard to get up. Our very friendly host, Steven, knocked on the door to let us know that breakfast was ready (he had told us it would be ready at 8:30).

Breakfast was delicious! Here's Gord enjoying it ... frittata, roasted potatoes, fresh fruit, yogurt, orange juice and coffee.

It was our first experience at a B 'n B and it was a pleasurable one!

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Tina said...

that looks gorgeous. very different from our b&b's here