Thursday, 27 August 2009

Where I work

Here's the view from where I work looking south towards downtown ... shot through the window (I'm on the seventh floor).

We overlook an old cemetery.

We work in cubicles. They put pieces together for us from the rest of the building ... apparently we're getting nice stuff in January.

The nature of my job will keep me out of the office anyway.


Isabel said...

Oooo I'm jealous. That's a nice view you have.

Lord of the Wings said...

That is a nice view!

Are we going to get any photos from the cemetary? I love your grave shots!

Teresa said...

Nice view of TO. Are you going to see Bill Clinton at the CNE this weekend tickets are only $5.00? Hope it's not as rainy as expected. Have a great weekend.

Tatiana said...

Pretty view indeed. Will you be getting real offices then too?

RennyBA's Terella said...

What an Outlook - and I don't mean Microsoft's! :lol:

Lady Banana said...

Lovely view! I don't even have a window in mine :(