Tuesday 9 October 2007

T&T Supermarket, Toronto, ON

T&T Supermarket opened a store downtown a couple months ago so Gord and I checked it out this afternoon.
To many Canadians, T & T Supermarket is the embodiment of the taste of Asia. It differs from other supermarkets by featuring many uniquely Asian food products not available in other retail outlets.
Shopping at T & T is like taking a journey through parts of Asia where one finds fresh mangoes from the Philippines, crispy snacks from Japan, sauces from Hong Kong, noodles from Taiwan, spices from Thailand and a variety of flavours from China and other Asian countries.

It's located on Cherry Street ... looking towards downtown from the store:

The selection is huge ... lots of stuff that we can buy at No Frills, where we usually shop, but also lots of stuff that was really weird to me. Like red bean and yam ice cream bars.

The cakes looked delicious! 

Then the security guard came over and asked me to stop taking pictures. Oops!


Anonymous said...

To a Norwegian, this mall seams to big and scary - I might get lost LoL

Not allowed to take picture? Didn't you told him you where a journalist and about the freedom of the press? :-)

Btw: Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

you finally went. You know what, red bean and yam popisles are really yummy!

Did you know that they were open on Monday when everything else is closed? That's the beauty of it!

Unknown said...

Looks like a cool place, Teena!

I can't believe they didn't want you taking photos.

Isabel said...

maybe they thought you were a spy or something. Sucks they told you to stop taking picture. the cakes do look yummy

LEA said...

Maybe the officer thought you were casing the joint...LOL

You have to try those ice cream popsicles ~ and report back to us!

Those cakes look amazing. YUMMO!