Friday, 5 October 2007

Sunnyside Beach, Toronto, ON

KC, Nova (we're dogsitting him this weekend) and I started our day with a walk at Sunnyside Beach. KC and I were there last Thursday too.

It was 21C and smoggy. You can barely see downtown (looking east) from where we started.

Looking west towards Humber Bridge ...

KC ...

Nova ...

There were lots of people out and about. This guy was the only tanner, though.

We walked to the other side of Humber Bridge and sat for a bit.

The trees must be confused with this warm weather. Some leaves are changing, some aren't.

This woman was very popular with the birds cuz she was feeding them.

This police officer wasn't as popular cuz he was stopping speeders on the Lakeshore and giving them tickets.

I gave KC a bath when we got home so she's nice and clean again.

Both dogs are snoozing right now ...


Christine said...

Beautiful pictures. My hubby has been bugging me to get out with the camera and get some pictures before the snow flies - after seeing your pictures I may have to take him up on the offer.

LEA said...

Gorgeous shots! I can tell that they love their walk :x)

I am just freaking out over the "bird lady". Those are some awesome birds, and some of them BIG!!

I need to get out and take some photos too. We don't have many trees changing colors yet. I think probably in about 2 more weeks, we'll have some colorful leaves.

Have a most excellent Friday!


Isabel said...

Nice walk you had there. I like the one with the tree.