Sunday, 28 October 2007

Book ~ "Lullabies for Little Criminals" - Heather O'Neill (2007)

From ~In her debut novel, O'Neill offers a narrator, Baby, coming of age in Montreal just before her 12th birthday. Her mother is long dead. Her father, Jules, is a junkie who shuttles her from crumbling hotels to rotting apartments, his short-term work or moneymaking schemes always undermined by his rage and paranoia. Baby tries to screen out the bad parts by hanging out at the community center and in other kids' apartments, by focusing on school when she can and by taking mushrooms and the like. Stints in foster care, family services and juvenile detention usually end in Jules's return and his increasingly erratic behavior. Baby's intelligence and self-awareness can't protect her from parental and kid-on-kid violence, or from the seductive power of being desired by Alphonse, a charismatic predator, on the one hand, and by Xavier, an idealistic classmate, on the other. When her lives collide, Baby faces choices she is not equipped to make.

Very powerful novel. I'd definitely recommend it!


Zhu said...

I wanted to read it... probably will get it at the library tomorrow - thanks for the summary !

Dragonstar said...

Just left you a Hallowe'en treat on my blog. Collect it if you fancy.