Friday, 5 October 2007

Wacky cat!

Byron has a thing for licking the screen in the living room window.

I just saw him doing it again.

He also loves chewing on the blinds.

We used to have good ones. Then Byron chewed them.

So we replaced them with aluminum ones. And Byron chewed them.

I spray Byron with water when he does it. He runs away but doesn't learn his lesson.

We bought some bitter spray at the pet store. You spray it on whatever you don't want the cat to bite and it's supposed to gross them out. It worked on us. The cats licked the bottle, though.

We admitted defeat and have a $13 pair from Walmart now. I still spray Byron with water when I catch him chewing on the blinds. But now he does it when we're not around.

He's five and spends most of his time in bed sleeping. Sigh ...


Swizzlepop said...

OMG the licking pictures are priceless! Totally made me LOL. I'm convinced that our pets will do what they want when they want. Spray or no spray and because they are so cute they usually win. Maybe you should get them some doggie bones and see if they like chewing on those. ;)

LEA said...

Wahhh! That is so funny!! My cat is too lazy to lick anything, except her paws...she doesn't have to move them very far to lick them. LOL

What a NAUGHTY little kitty your Byron is.

Take a doggie bone, roll it around in catnip and maybe he will chew on that instead??!! LOL


Isabel said...

maybe it just tastes good to him. ha ha.