Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Halloween night

Gord and I are those nasty people who never stay home for Halloween. Trick or treaters ringing the doorbell just get KC barking and freaks Morgan out.

We met for supper at Tortilla Flats.

Then we saw a play called A Good Idea (In Theory) at the Theatre Passe Muraille. It's written by Emma Roberts, one of the trainers at the gym we go to.

It's the first time we'd seen a play there. It was in a cozy theatre called the Back Space.

Before the play starts, there is a singer on the stage. A CD of the singers involved is included in the cost of the play ($25).

Families can be pretty strange, but you'd have to search long and hard to find a bunch as weird as this lot. The patriarch is the inflexible Otto, who has written a once-influential political manifesto and who still rules the island commune that he set up years ago with his wife and a couple of like-minded friends. One daughter, the wispy Tricia, lives in a tree and hasn't been off the island since she was a kid. Elder sister, Juliette, is tough, works and drinks hard, and makes a habit of sleeping with supermarket security guards. Then in wanders the suicidal Blake who used to live on the island with his parents.

Yes, a strange story but it was good. Especially good were the actors playing Otto and Tricia.


Christine said...

We got out of the house last night too. Went Christmas shopping instead. :)

B said...

I stayed home but didn't have many kids coming to the door- and your right it does freak the dogs out.

Jay said...

Yay for plays. I'm glad I got back in time to read your little review - you can stop nudging me now, I'm here! :)